Megalodon’s management is committed to building a strong company which is able to successfully compete in the North American oil and gas sector. In the past decade, the push to develop America’s untapped energy resources and reduce dependence on foreign oil has seen great success. New technologies such as horizontal drilling, multi-lateral horizontal drilling and multi-stage hydraulic fracturing have demonstrated a renewed potential for value creation in North America by transforming vast unconventional resources into profitable reserves. Further, the current price of oil and a general pro-industry political environment substantially enhance the overall value of our development prospects.

Our key advantages include:

+Experienced management team skilled in exploration, development, operations and finance

+Locations in strong and insulated markets

+Numerous competing pipeline companies and end-users

+Access to new exploitation and recovery technologies

+Pro-industry regulators and minimal environmental opposition

Our company sees significant potential in our prospects, and we’re moving swiftly to build our land portfolio. North American governments are supportive of oil and gas activity, including the use of the latest technologies for enhancing recovery. We intend to become a solid participant in the North American energy sector and a steady oil and gas producer for many years to come.

The oil and gas industry will play a pivotal role in supplying the World with energy far into the future. Megalodon seeks to help fulfil this role while ensuring attractive return on investment.

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