Megalodon comprises a core team of highly disciplined Oil & Gas professionals with a strong work ethic and diverse operational experience who have consistently proven themselves in the skillful execution of various large-scale exploration and development projects.

Megalodon Energy North Corp.

Ryan Johnson - CEO

Ryan M. Johnson, P. Geol. – Chief Executive, Exploration & Operating Officer

Mr. Johnson has a solid background exploring new Oil & Gas E&P opportunities and was formerly Vice President at Baytex Energy Corp. (Peace River and Conventional Business Units) with over 22 years’ experience in geological and oilfield operations throughout the Western Canada and Powder River Basins.  Ryan has exceptional knowledge of petroleum exploration, exploitation, operations, drilling and acquisition procedures and practices. 

Ryan specializes in detailed heavy oil, tight and conventional oil & gas, and CBM reservoir analysis, mapping, drilling, exploitation operations and production. Extensive planning, design and execution of multilateral, SAGD, CSS, CHOPS, multi stage frac, horizontal, directional, vertical and stratigraphic test wells. He has considerable EOR experience in polymer and water floods in a variety of reservoirs, permeabilities and viscosities.  His experience in management of geological and operational teams are key to the success of Megalodon. 

Mr. Johnson has a Bachelor of Science Degree (Honours) in Geology and Oceanography from the University of British Columbia and is a practicing member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta.

Patrick Smyth CFO

Patrick Smyth – Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Smyth has 20 over years of financial and operational experience, has been providing venture capital consulting, early stage financing, corporate and public media relations, investment research and analysis.

Energy company clients included Nitro Petroleum, Thorium One International, NGAS Resources, and New Century Energy. Payment processing/financial partners included Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Jack Henry Profitstars, Citi, UPS, The State of New York, The State of California, Cardinal Commerce, and Simon Properties. From 2010 to 2013 he was VP Finance of independent Oil & Gas company whose focus was the acquisition, development and production of oil & gas properties from 2010 to 2013 in the Montana Bakken.

Mr. Smyth has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia and lives in British Columbia.

Fred Schneider – Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Schneider is the founder of RII and the inventor of the STRIP enhanced oil recovery technology. Mr. Schneider has over 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry across various project management and operational roles from project scoping and design to field level construction. Mr. Schneider has extensive experience in the heavy and conventional enhanced oil recovery sector as well as the upgrading and refining industry.

Jamie Carlson, P. Eng. – Vice President Production & Marketing

Mr. Carlson is a Professional Engineer educated in Petroleum Engineering, with 30 years of broad-based energy industry and management expertise including development of several different and significant oil, natural gas, heavy oil, and thermal bitumen (SAGD/CSS) assets. Several of these assets were developed from inception to later stage development with enterprise values of several hundred million to over one and a half billion dollars.

Raimund Honsek, P. Eng. – Vice President
Exploitation & Subsurface Engineering

Mr. Honsek has 14 years of upstream oil and gas industry experience with a proven track record of adding operational value by combining model-based reservoir performance projections with real world production experience. Following completion of his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2005, Raimund held various reservoir and exploitation engineering roles with Imperial Oil. In 2010 Raimund established PNX Consulting, supporting a wide range of development and optimization opportunities throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. His extensive EOR and geomechanics expertise ranges from thermal stimulation of ultra heavy oil (CSS/SAGD/SF including solvent-steam hybrids) over polymerflooding of heavy oil to multi-stage fracture stimulation and waterflooding of light tight oil.

Myron Snyder, PMP – Canada Construction & Operations Manager

Mr. Snyder is a Civil Construction Manager and certified Project Manager with 22 years of experience within the resource sectors (Oil Sands, Conventional Oil & Gas, and Forestry). Projects range from design & build infrastructure projects, overhaul/refit of existing infrastructure, to the simultaneous delivery of exploration programs supporting multiple rig lines on various green and brown field assets (oil sands, conventional/unconventional gas, and CBM developments).  Myron has worked for industry heavyweights such as BP, Baytex Energy and Canfor.

Sam Robinson –USA Construction & Operations Manager

Mr. Robinson has over 24 years in the oil and gas construction and servicing profession serving as the Operating/Forman for RAM construction working with numerous projects in the continental United States.   Previous work includes creating and operating Rocky Mountain Lining, a certified HDPE liner installation company and Earth Core Excavation and Fireball Construction, an earth moving and pipeline construction firm.  He founded and operated Western Water Solutions and Eastern Water Solutions, companies which produced water, frac water, and developed oilfield wastewater facilities.   The disposal capacity of Western water = 6.2 million barrels, and Eastern water = 3.6 million barrels with each having over 150k barrels of oil storage.  Sam’s expertise in the field also includes managing diverse teams of individuals, constructing commercial buildings, large project excavation,  earth moving, pipeline installation and HDPE liner installation.